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Development & Production Slate

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Ethereal is a new breed of entertainment company.  Built by filmmakers who have dedicated themselves to creating commercially viable art with a purpose, Ethereal Entertainment recognizes that people do not buy brands, they buy stories.

We are proud to present our development and production slate of motion picture projects.


Brighton Beach Gardener

Genre: Crime Action Thriller (Rounders meets Eastern Promises)
Log line: A criminal enterprise is growing in Brighton Beach, and NYPD Detective Danny O’Sullivan has only one night to weed it out, to save the lives of those around him, and himself.

Danny O’Sullivan, a weathered New York City Detective with a questionable career, finds himself caught in a dangerous web of deceit and corruption, as Russian mob boss Yuri Popovich deals out his unique form of justice and vengeance in the Russian community of Brighton Beach.  After having his poker house robbed by Vincent De Grasso, the nephew of rival Italian mob boss Mario De Grasso, Yuri sends out his assassins to exact his revenge, and imparts his golden rule: leave no family member alive, and leave no witnesses.  Saddled with his shady reputation and suspicions that he is on the take, Detective O’Sullivan tries to stay one step ahead of Yuri’s night of calculated murder.  However; at every turn Yuri seems to be predicting his every move.  Someone on the police force is feeding information, but whom?  Can he trust his newly assigned partner, Detective Stephanie White, and if so, can she trust him?


The Ship

Genre: Family Action Adventure (E.T. meets The Sandlot)
Log line: After having found a crash landed spaceship, a group of misfit kids struggle with their own self interests, and learn the value of friendship when they decide to save an extraterrestrial pilot from the hands of a man that would do him harm.

A group of misfit tweenagers, Spencer, Cody, George, and Alex, encounter the adventure of a lifetime when they stumble upon a crash landed spaceship.  Seizing this as an opportunity to show their genius in their school’s annual science fair, they take the ship back to their clubhouse to make repairs, and devise their plan to present this find as an invention of their own.  Caught up in their excitement of this incredible find, they fail to give thought to the fact that the pilot of this craft will come looking for it once he discovers it is missing.  To complicate matters, they weren’t the only ones to witness the ship plummeting from the night skies.  There are plenty of others searching for the ship; some without the best of intentions.  Spencer, Cody, George, and Alex struggle with “doing the right thing”, as they balance their wish to win the grand prize at the science fair with their concern for the welfare of a new-found friend.  Adventure ensues as the gang works feverishly to repair the ship, so that their extraterrestrial friend can escape the grasp of those who mean him harm.



Genre: Romantic Comedy (Shakespeare In Love meets The Wedding Crashers)
Log line: The romance of two young lovers is threatened, as the comedic conflicts in the restaurant where they both work challenge the future of their love.

All is not well at the Ribeye steakhouse, and a house divided cannot stand.  Tragedy begets comedy in this uproariously funny, and thinly veiled, retelling of the Bard's classic, Romeo and Juliette.   It’s the classic story.  Two young lovers' budding relationship is challenged when the conflict between the dining room staff and the kitchen, threatens to tear their love asunder.  Romo, a hot-headed sous-chef, and Julie, a beautiful new waitress, struggle to pursue their love as these warring factions do everything in their power to keep them apart.  The conflict comes to a head, as the Ribeye’s future is challenged by a malicious food critic, who threatens to destroy the restaurant’s fine reputation if he can’t have the enchanting Julie for his own.  Can their relationship survive the slings and arrows of life in an outrageously fancy restaurant?  Or will a series of misfortunes destroy them, and leave their love for dead?


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